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Interventions are the most effective plan for getting addicted loved ones into a rehabilitation (rehab) treatment program. If you’re concerned about a dear friend in your life, a person who has considerably changed as a result of drug and/or alcohol dependency, intervention services recovery is the treatment they need to end their addiction. Addiction is horrifying for both the addict and their friends and family. You could be asking yourself, “How can I help my friend get healthy again?” and “What can I do to convince my friend to get help?” Friends and family members care a lot for the person affected by drug and/or alcohol dependency, but constantly accommodating the drug abuser will wear them down. Hearing the addict repeatedly say ‘no’ to treatment must stop. You can’t be frightened and shy away from confrontation: self-doubt often prevents family members from taking action. Call us at (509) 302-2334 for more information about interventions and how to set one up.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is an experience that may start off as a casual plea for the addict to get help of transform into an extremely organized meeting. The objective remains the same: convince the addict to enter a rehabilitation facility and treat their problems with dependency. Individuals that are concerned about the addict, like family members, friends, teachers, and clergy members, should band together and meet with the addict to discuss his or her drug related problems, and eventually persuade him or her to find rehab. Interventions programs recovery center are used to promote awareness of different recovery options for the addict and save his or her own life; however, occasionally the addict doesn’t come to terms with his or her issues, still remains in a state of denial, and is simply unwilling to open up to treatment. There are a few topics that should be addressed during an intervention, such as:

  • the addict’s selfish and hurtful behavior, the way it has ruined the addict and his or her loved ones
  • the therapy plan along with key objectives and directions that the addict is expected to follow
  • what each member in the intervention will be forced to do if the addict doesn’t comply with the rehab or treatment program

There are four kinds of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention can literally be as simple as asking that the loved one to stop destroying him/herself. This strong request should be voiced before escalating into nuanced and more complex interventions.
  • Getting a single person to agree to go into rehabilitation immediately is the goal of a classical intervention.
  • A crisis intervention is for use in hazardous, risky situations, like reckless driving, violence, or severe substance abuse.
  • Family system interventions center the focus on all of the family members, and getting them to stop their bad behaviors. These bad behaviors cause addiction and domestic violence within socially awkward families, everybody involved will need to help break bad habits.

What Is the Difference between an Intervention and Rehab?

Each step is crucial for recovery, but intervention and rehab are not the same. We know that interventions are supposed to convince the addict to start the rehabilitation process. These interventions are initiated by their friends, family members, and those that care about him or her. Intervention is NOT the same thing as recovery therapy, and is definitely not enough to convince the addict to quit using. At our treatment center, the addict is taught about the illness of drug and alcohol addiction. The addict is presented with long term recovery strategies, and what to do when encounter triggers tempt drug use.  For the highest chance of success, Alcohol Services Center recommends that an addict completes an intervention now and proceeds to rehab as soon as possible.

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It is a frustrating or frightening ordeal to watch a friend battle with substance abuse. Many times, an intervention is an intense cathartic event due to the combined efforts of family and friends. Interventions are more than just asking the person to quit drugs. Talk to an interventionist, locate a rehab center, learn about substance addiction in general, and get a friend the support they so desperately need. If you live in the Spokane, WA area, call (509) 302-2334 immediately!